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Catch Up on the 365 Project.

I know i know, i’m terrible and haven’t updated my 365 project for nearly a month! But it’s ok, i have been taking photos so here’s a little catch up.

Warning – Going to be very picture heavy (if you hadn’t guessed)

February the 10th saw me driving up to the north with the radio blasting and ash putting in ear plugs to avoid hearing my singing.

On the 11th i saw these amazing blue orchids! My mum didn’t think much to them but I thought they were gorgeous! It’s a shame I can’t help but kill plants. 😦 I am definitely not green thumbed.

I went to go see Frank Turner with my sister and some friends on the 12th. On the way there I was reading a book on photography when a stranger asked me if I was into that sort of thing and told me to visit this gallery. I still haven’t got round to it, but the exhibition is still on so maybe i’ll go soon.

On the 13th I finally fixed one of my favourite earrings. It’s been sat on my desk for so long and I only just got round to gluing it back together. Hopefully I wont break it again!

On valentines day I spent most of the day drawing hobbits and dragons. Not bad in my opinion. I didn’t actually do anything with ash, neither of us are particularly bothered by it in all honesty. It’s a silly holiday really (we did make an excuse for some snuggle/movie time though of course).

On the 15th I moved my penguin statue, a christmas present from my mums boyfriend and just totally awesome, to a spot where he could keep an eye on my working.

My hair went crazy big and curly on the 16th as I left it in a big plait over night. It’s a shame that it’s so long and unmanageable at the moment, it just looked like a massive frizz ball! Definitely time for a hair cut.

On the 17th I really enjoyed the contrast between the moody, british sky and these stunning blossoms.

The 18th saw lots of editing work. Nearly a whole day of editing! My eyes definitely needed a rest by the end, but at least I had been very productive. These photo’s are amongst my favourites i’ve ever taken.

On the 19th I found out that I had an interview with London Zoo! I was so excited that I really couldn’t concentrate at work, not the best when working in a kitchen. I burnt myself so many times I lost count and nearly chopped my finger off! Luckily my nail stopped the cut becoming any deeper but it was still pretty nasty.

On the 20th I was starting to feel like I lived in this uniform. Working 60+ hour weeks, 6 days out of 7 most of the time and just constantly tired. I was starting to want just a day to pamper myself, wear make-up and look pretty but I just don’t have the energy even on my days off.

The 21st I was starting to feel positive. I was super excited (and nervous) about this interview and also knew it wasn’t long until Legoland wanted me back, plus i was about to drive up north for a wedding! Life was definitely about to get fun, I just had to stick it out at the pub for a little longer. This mirror is above our bed and was there when we moved in. We’re far too lazy to take it off and I actually kind of like it. It makes me smile.

The 22nd was the wedding of two very close friends! Unfortunately I forgot my camera (silly me) and my phone was dying so I didn’t take many pictures, but I did snap this cute picture of the first dance. The groom had changed into some more comfortable shoes for the party side of the wedding, as had the bride who was now wearing bright pink converse under her dress. Such a lovely day! I’m so happy for them both!

On the 23rd I went back to the south, but before I did I managed a little switcheroo at home, giggling like a naughty school girl the whole time. Mum has never got round to putting up my graduation picture (the woes of a second child!) and so I put mine in my sisters place. I don’t think she’s noticed yet, until she reads this blog post…*evil cackle*

On the 24th i received this sewing pattern I had won! I can’t wait to get stuck in!

On the 25th was my interview with London Zoo! It ran from 9-5 with lots of group exercises, presentations and other things to really get to know if we were right for the job and was such a fun day! It honestly made me want to work there even more, which I didn’t think was possible. I somehow managed to get a selfie with a penguin as well!

After the long interview and then rushing off to work for a close, I wasn’t feeling very awake on the 26th and drank far too much coffee.

On the 27th I got the news that I got the job!! I was so excited and i’m pretty sure I asked the person on the phone ‘Really?!’ several times. I celebrated with a glass (or two) of Merlyn, it’s like Baileys but so much better! I’m still convinced they’re going to ring up and tell me they made a mistake, but It’s quite honestly a dream come true!

On the 28th I started counting down to my start. I wrote it on my calendar and was still bouncing off walls.

On the 1st of March I received a congratulations card from my mum, complete with penguins of course!. How lovely 🙂 And yes, still bouncing off the walls at this stage.

On the 2nd there was a gorgeous rainbow! I could see the whole thing (I haven’t got round to editing those pictures yet though). If only I could find the pot of gold at the end…*sigh*

So that’s me all caught up to this week! I will be posting these weekly as usual from this sunday.

February was most definitely a very exciting month and I’m sure that March will be just as exciting!

Claire x

The Perfect Hen Do

Last week I went to one of my best friends hen party. We haven’t spoken in a while and it’s rare we manage to see each other now, but every time we do it’s like we haven’t been apart. I’m so excited for her to get married (although it’s not until next year!) and I was definitely never going to miss her hen do.

Of course every hen party is different, it has to reflect the bride in some way, and this one suited the bride to be perfectly! The maid of honour did an amazing job!

It took place in Leeds, always a great night out, and so I drove 3 hours up the motorway with my rushed-to-pack bags and full of excitement. I stopped off in my home town (just 40 minutes away from my destination) and had a quick lunch with my mum, catching up on everything before she gave me a lift to the train station.

I was told to look for the pink that I ‘couldn’t miss’ at the station. I promptly walked right past them all, completely oblivious to the garish veil and excitable ladies. I soon found them though and we all tottered off to the hotel with me leading the way (quite how I, with no sense of direction, ended up with the map i’ll never know). Somehow I got us there, we we’re staying at the Ibis. It looked nice enough and had an amazing view of leeds from our rooms, but the rooms were very small with very awkwardly placed plug sockets. Whoever designed these rooms did not plan for girls to be curling their hair in the mirror, in fact they couldn’t have made it any more difficult. Next time I should take a spare mirror.

The view

The maid of honour brought out some amazing party bags she had put together. The bags themselves were leopard print with pink paper inside, already off to a good start. Inside was a great assortment of treats for us all!

Lip Gloss – Literally the glittery-ist lipgloss I have ever seen. It’s like a glitter ball on my lips and I LOVE it! It even tasted like cherries. Definitely the kind of thing we all wore when we we’re 12, I doubt that will stop me from wearing it though! (It’s just so sparkly!)

Terrible photo – Awesome Lips

Party Feet – I was SO happy to see this in my bag as i’d actually forgotten to pack mine! These gel cushions are such a great idea to keep everyone partying throughout the night. Such a life saver!


Bling – The bride is well known for her love of gold bling and so we all got to share in her passion with one of these plastic gold rings! The bride to be herself received a pretty little necklace. Even though this ring is obviously cheap it is a little bit of fun and I actually really like wearing it on my thumb, i think it’s looks quite simple and pretty.

Condom – Hen do’s often have the tendency of getting…messy. But at least we would all have been prepared for that eventuality, and with a smiley face!

Name Badge – To proudly show that we are with a hen do!


Fortune Cookie – To either give us hope for the future or to tear us down. Luckily mine had a very good message about promise in my career…but will that be ‘The Penguin Theory’ or the day job? I guess time will tell!


Penis Straw – Every hen do needs a penis straw. These one’s were a little more reserved than some i’ve seen, the classier spectrum of the penis straw (if that’s even possible).

Dare Card – Again hen parties need a bit of cheek (no pun intended)! My dare was to pinch as many guys bottoms in 1 minute as possible. A few of the other ones included getting a girls number, kissing the shortest/tallest guy and even rubbing your face in a hairy chest! However we all seemed to forget about these once the alcohol started flowing…

Wine – Each bag contained the start of our drinking with a mini bottle of wine! It was delicious!

Energy Drink – For a quick pick-me-up the morning after.


After we had all finished our wine, and polished off a bottle of bubbly, we tottered into town and went to Vodka Revolutions. There we had a table reserved with a food platter and drinks, and oh my was it amazing.

The platter was superb and had more food than we could manage with chicken strips, scampi, chips, mini beef and chicken burgers, pizzas, breaded cheese and a good selection of dips. It was all so yummy and easy to pick at, but it still defeated us.

We we’re also given 3 large cocktail pitchers of our choice to share, shots and some sort of bomb (energy drink in which you drop a shot into before downing it in one gulp). All we’re delicious and a great start to the night!

Next we moved on and we’re going to go to a drag show, something the bride to be loves, but unfortunately the bouncer wouldn’t let us in as we we’re a hen party and in a large group. This had been checked on the website before we went but they must have changed their policies. It was a shame but we wouldn’t let that ruin the night!

Eventually we found ourselves in a little, but lively, pub. All the furniture was miss-matching, they we’re playing old classics like Queen and The Offspring as well as newer songs and the cocktails were delicious! We got talking to some guys out on a stag do, they we’re so lovely and such a laugh! One fell asleep and we may have drawn on his face with lipstick before he woke up and showed off his dance ‘skills’. It was a lot of fun but all too soon it was time to move onto the clubs.

The gorgeous bride to be!

We found ourselves in a gay club because, lets face it, they always have the best music, best dance moves and are just generally so much more fun. There was no worrying how you were dancing, everyone just went for it. There were the best tunes to sing and dance along to, podiums, poles, so much smoke you couldn’t see (no seriously, it was a definite challenge until your eyes adjusted). It was such good fun and we we’re all having a good boogie.

We all had a picture with the veil doing the bride-to-be’s signature thumbs up!

Soon though I started to flake. I haven’t been out in such a long time that my stamina wasn’t what it once was (well I guess I did last until well past 2am!), and i had been feeling a bit ill all night, not even finishing a lot of my drinks. My self a few of the other girls toddled off back to the hotel to climb into our nice warm beds. The bride to be and the other half of the hen party carried on into the night meeting a drag queen and having a great time from the sounds of it!

The next morning we all got up early for breakfast. Our hotel did a £5 all you can eat buffet, but when we went to look we we’re not impressed. For one, there was barely any food there, 2 it was only cereal and some toast. That is not the food to cure a hang over. Instead we wandered next door to steak place and all bought various types of fried breakfasts. Just what we needed!

All too soon it was time to catch the train home.

I had another nice chat with my mum, went for a quick visit to my grandparents and then started the long drive back to london. I would have loved to stay an extra night (especially as my mum was cooking roast beef!) but I have so much to do it just wasn’t possible.

I had such a great time and I just cannot wait for the wedding!

It was definitely the perfect hen night for the bride, which is exactly what makes the night even more perfect! It made me start wondering what my hen night would be like if I ever decided to get married…I imagine it would be quite adventurous and action packed with a bit of crafting involved.

What would you do on your hen night?

A Wedding in the North

As you will know, if you read my last update, i went up north as I was invited to a friends wedding in Lincoln!

I went up a day early so that I could see another of my friends who also lives up there. I hadn’t seen her in ages and so we had a nice girly night with nibbles and cocktails! Her house was full of paintings she’s made, I have my eye on a couple of them (i just need money first!)

If you’re interested in her blog and paintings then you can find her here. 🙂

Raspberry Cocktails!

The wedding the next day was nice. Thankfully the weather was beautiful! (It had rained the day before).

The ceremony was very…modern christian. Lots of christian rock and even a powerpoint presentation! Not really my cup of tea (I’m a bit old fashioned and prefer the old style hymns), but still lovely. It’s hard to make a wedding ceremony bad lets be fair. The reception afterwards was gorgeous! It was in a hotel with some beautiful grounds. Photo’s were taken outside in the sunshine and then we all went inside to eat. There was pork (as though it had been pulled off a hog roast) and lots of salads, wedges, couscous. Everything was delicious!

With the Bride

The speeches were wonderful. All quite short (at least for wedding speeches), but still packed with humour and emotion. Exactly the kind of speeches needed at a wedding. No one was bored, everyone was a laughing, many getting tearful. The best man wrote a poem, an extremely funny and tearjerking poem. Even the bride, who is definitely not a cryer, admitted she welled up. I would say his was the best speech out of all of them (although all were perfect!)

The rest of the night was spent flitting between rooms. Outside there were lots of benches and was perfect for sitting down and talking, although it did start getting very chilly. Inside there was a room set out with tables on one side and the other had room cleared for dancing. Lots of tunes were played ranging from old cheese to rock and even lots of dance tunes. Very good for getting people of all ages up and dancing! The was another room inside as well with lots of comfy sofas. I ended up on one of these sofas near the end of the night and very nearly fell asleep.

Gorgeous Table decorations

All in all a wonderful day.

The day after I thought I should go visit my mum whilst i was nearby (or at least closer than London). Unfortunately I could only stay for a day but I did manage to cram a lot into it! I walked my aunts dog, visited my grandparents, helped my mum buy an outfit for a wedding she’s going to, and met up with my other aunt and cousin.

Muddy George looking very pleased with himself.

I was actually quite sad to leave and come back down south, but I think Ash was beginning to miss me. Plus I had work the next day.

Hopefully it wont be too long until my next visit 🙂

‘Till next time!

Work Hard, Play Hard.

After my post last night I was a very busy bee indeed.

My boyfriend and I decided we hadn’t taken time for ourselves to do anything special together for way too long and so decided to have a nice romantic meal! We cooked our cheap Asda Price pies, cleared the desk, lit some candles and had a really lovely make-shift date.

It was a lot of fun, just sat having a laugh together. We’ve decided to do this more often as we don’t have a lot of money to go out to a real restaurant and this way we actually clean our desk!

After our ‘date’ I decided that I needed to sort out my whiteboard whilst Ash went back to his computer game. I used this whiteboard at University and it helped me to organise all my essays that needed doing, so i figure i should use it to help me organise The Penguin Theory. I’ve written down the tasks I need to do, the future blog posts i want to write, projects in the pipeline, things needed to buy and goals to make sure i’m progressing.

Hopefully i’ll stick to it as i feel it could be really useful for keeping on top of this business.

In other news, I probably won’t be updating this blog for a 3 or 4 days as i’m going all the way up to lincoln!

I have a friend getting married (the first of my friends to do so!) which is extremely exciting! I’ve booked it off work and they’re giving me holiday pay, getting paid to go to a wedding doesn’t sound too bad to me! I’ve already picked out my outfit and head piece! (It wasn’t that hard, i’ve only got one facinator and i’m just wearing it with the dress i got it for originally)

I’m going down a day early so i can have a big catch up with one of my best friends. We’re going to have a nice girly night with nibbles and wine and most likely hitting the town.

After I will be going further up north to visit my mum and other family members.

All in all it should be a good few days and I will make sure I take plenty of pictures!

‘Till next time!

Springing into Spring

I made a cute little spring treasury on Etsy and thought i’d share it on here with my reasons for picking each object. 🙂 You can find my treasury here.

I tried to look for pastel colours, flowers, and a bright cheerful feeling, all the things that just shout spring to me! There were so many cute items it was hard to narrow it down, but in the end this is what I came up with:

Spring Paper Flowers

It’s kind of hard to believe these aren’t real. Who wouldn’t want these to brighten up their living room? They wont die like real flowers and can come in a range of colours to suit your room! Definitely a good choice if you always forget to water or buy new plants like me.

Woodland Stone and Branch Bracelet

I love how unusual this bracelet is. The branch with the first hint of flower is adorable and reminds me of the trees just starting to blossom.

Bright flower Necklace

Want a big bright statement piece that makes winter vanish to memory? Then this is surely the necklace for you. Its bright, fun and cheerful and just makes me smile.

Vanilla and Turquoise Flower Necklace

This necklace is cute and fresh, just what you need to chase away the cold british winter. The straw like string adds a touch of the unusual and the flowers add that cute feminine touch. All together a very adorable little necklace.

Robins Egg Earrings

Spring is a time for new life, eggs are being laid and flowers are blossoming, so why not feel part of it by wearing some ‘eggs’ on your ears? Not only are these adorable, but I think they would go perfectly with the necklace above!

Spring Bird Mobile

Well we’ve had the eggs so we obviously needed some birds as well! I love the twig and flowers at the top of this mobile and the birds finish it off beautifully. I can just see this in a little girls nursery, but to be honest i’d really want to steal this for myself. It is definitely one to enjoy no matter what your age is.

Flower Charm Necklace

Want to look like a flowery meadow? Well then this is the necklace for you. Crammed full of cute little flowers this statement necklace is bound to turn heads and make any outfit look fantastic.

Blush Angel Dress

This is the kind of dress I can imagine wearing on a warm spring day/evening whilst prancing around a meadow. It’s just stunning. Maybe the weather isn’t quite warm enough for it yet, but it’s getting there. Although I’m not sure if i’d dare wear it out of the house myself for fear of ruining it!

Snowdrop Chandelier Earrings

It’s impossible not to think about snowdrops when spring is mentioned and these earrings seem to mimic them beautifully. Bring a touch of classy elegance to your outfit by wearing these, i’d personally wear them with my hair up just to make sure they’re noticed!

Lavender Fairy Dress

I don’t know what to really say about this dress other than just simply ‘Wow’. The delicate lace and pastel colours seem to compliment the freshness of spring and really does make me think of flower fairies dancing in the evening light.

Little Mint Deer Necklace

From classic to just plain cute! Everyone loves deers and this necklace is just adorable!

Baby Duck Figurine

Another animal that reminds me of spring is the little baby ducklings! If I could I’d buy lots of these little figurines and make a line of them that I could imagine were waddling towards a nice little picturesque pond.

Pink Daisy Necklace

Another statement necklace with some bold pink flowers and green beads. A modern, but some how classic, look to really attract the compliments.

Hydrangea Blossom Diamond Ring

Gold, Silver, Diamond. What more does a girl want? This delicate little ring would certainly draw in my attention and leave me completely green in envy! The vein detail on the flower really finishes this piece off and I can imagine I would spend hours tracing them with my eyes.

Vintage Lace Wedding Headband

It may be listed as a wedding Item, but I would wear this despite not even being engaged yet. I love the messy vintage glamour this seems to exude. What better way to feel at one with nature than to be wearing this gorgeous piece.

Flowers and Pearls Necklace

Another statement necklace for the demure woman in you. A string of pearls with a bunch of flowers, a fresh addition to a smart outfit.

I hope you like these Items as much as I do, I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Till next time!

Claire x