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Long Time No Blog

Wow, I’ve left this far too long yet again. I’m pretty bad at this. But at least now my Blog can be more about my struggle to get into acting and less about me being depressed and needing some form of male attention.

Although actually since the last blog I have managed to get myself a boyfriend miraculously, and yes it’s the guy I mentioned in the last post. We met online, via Dailybooth, got chatting and just seemed to get on really well. Then it just so happened I was travelling to London for that photoshoot from a few posts ago and so he asked if I wanted to meet up, something which apparently i have to thank one of his friends for as he more or less told him to man up and ask me. Rollardisco’s and funtimes ensued.

Me and Ash

As anyone who read my last post will know, I was being all pathetic and convinced I shouldn’t get into a relationship as I’d ruin it somehow as I seem to be good at doing, but luckily I manned up and today is actually our 2 month anniversary. 🙂

Anyways. Performing Artsy Stuff.

Yesterday I finally got my Degree! Performing Arts BA (Hons). It may have taken four years but i finally got there! I think i was definitely ready to leave university and i’m looking forward to using what i’ve learnt to hopefully land a few acting jobs.

Speaking about landing jobs. I’ve been offered a wedding styled photoshoot for the end of August. Unfortunately it’s in Milton Keynes and i don’t seem to be down that end of the country any more, however i’m still pretty tempted to go.

I’ve also managed to grab myself an interview for an agency on Tuesday. It would mainly be for walk ons and Extra roles, but it’s a start at least, and who knows, someone might spot me. Lets just hope the interview goes well.

I do only seem to be applying for Film/TV jobs at the moment, but I definitely want to keep in touch with stage acting to some degree.

Nothing beats the buzz of a live audience.

Till next time! Stay Happy!