This is the year penguins will fly.

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Welcome to my World

I’ve been wanting to do this for years and never quite got round to it, but with a new year comes new changes and now i’m determined to set up my own little ‘diary’ online! Hopefully it will become interesting enough to generate at least a few followers 😛

This isn’t my only new years resolution though, I’ve generally decided to be more productive and happier (despite having the nickname ‘HappySod’ for years).

1. Getting fitter, healthier and more toned

Ok ok, so i dance and i’m not exactly fat or anything but it will just make me feel better about myself ok? I’m not thinking anything drastic.

This should be an easy one to keep up with though as i’ll be off back to University at some point this week where i’m a member of the gym,  will have lots of dance lectures, and will be doing anything to avoid my dissertation. I’ve also just received Kinect for the Xbox for christmas and then gone and bought myself a fitness game, i’m sure that will become a great distraction from the diss!


Getting fit has never been so fun!...or deathly

I also decided to try and eat a least a little healthier…actually just eat a little less, i’m already quite healthy. Not much less though, just cut out a few of my snacks. People keep asking me how i can be so skinny when i eat so much! So whilst i’m still gonna snack myself happy, i’m not just gonna snack for the sake of it (which i do far too regularly). Unfortunately all the chocolate i got at christmas has put this off to a bad start…I’m so bad at controlling myself it’s unreal. I just see food and pounce! It’s like a knee-jerk reaction.

2. Keep up with work!

I’m so unorganised/lazy when it comes to work it’s unreal. So i’m determined to keep up to date with it this term! I guess i’m gonna have to if i want to actually graduate this year. So far this one isn’t going so well either…I haven’t even started my dissertation. I need the first chapter written very very soon. Job for tomorrow then! :/

I really worry that i don’t worry enough sometimes when it comes to work…

3. Take life with both hands!

Not that i wasn’t enjoying life before, if people asked me if i wanted to go somewhere or do something random i would most likely say yes! But i decided this isn’t enough, i need to be more daring and make myself experience some really amazing things and not care what other people think!

This ‘fuck it, i’m gonna have fun’ attitude actually started last year when i got dumped if i think about it…

My boyfriend of almost 3 years dumped me out of no where (pretty much for another girl, although he wont admit it it’s pretty obvious) and some how, despite still having to live with him, i made it the best term yet! Partied lots, met a TON of new people, made a new best friend, got out of the house as much as possible and just generally tried to avoid getting down about the whole situation!

It definitely worked. And now i feel better and more confident than i ever have! As much as i hate to admit it, being dumped was probably the best thing for me at this point in my life. I think i had got myself too comfortable where i was. I was in a rut, only i didn’t see it, and this has been the thing to give me a kick up the arse and get me doing something with my life and actually having fun!

But anyways. I think that’s enough ramblings for tonight/this morning (jeeze it’s 1.38am. I should learn to go to bed at normal times once in a while!)

Tomorrow i’ll have to give you all a little background on me, that seems like a logical place to start with a blog rather then some random rabbles about new years resolutions.