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All Work, No Play

Sorry for the delay in updates, work has become hectic!


We have an auditor (it think it will be one of the higher ups in the company) coming in today and tomorrow to make sure everything is good in the pub and to pick up on any faults.


This means we have to clean literally EVERYTHING! And, as usual, i’ve been lucky enough to be in the close the two nights before. This meant for the last couple of nights we’ve been leaving later than usual, it was 4:30 this morning. I can’t really complain though, at least my shift today isn’t until 12 (although thats still too close for my liking), one of my bosses left after us and then had to be in at 6am!! He may as well not even gone home in all honesty. I very much doubt he was able to have even a nap.

It doesn’t help that we’re having our ‘first pay day after christmas’ rush as well…

Oh well. Better start getting ready for this 10+ hour shift! So glad it’s not another close.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to some real sewing again soon, as well as some proper blog postings.

‘Till next time!