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Ashley wanted to go Paintballing for his birthday, unfortunately at the time rent had just come out and so we couldn’t really afford it. However, we found a really good deal for and so decided we should do it afterwards. So we booked in for saturday 20th in Upminster with the International Paintball Group.

After we’d bought the tickets we found lots of reviews of people not seeming very impressed with the sales tactics of this group. I became a little bit dubious but even with a few points not properly explained (which is definitely the independent salesman’s fault and not IPG) it was still a good deal as far as we could tell.

They sent out an email confirming my booking and containing lots of useful hints and tips, forms, maps etc. They even texted me the day before to remind me of my booking.

Unfortunately one of our friends was going to meet us at Upminster but ended up stuck in Barking as some trains were cancelled. This meant we had to take a detour which made us pretty late.

Luckily they still let us in, we just missed the first round, but there were many more still to come.

We were given a full body suit, body armour, full helmets (which in my opinion looked like MasterChiefs helmet from Halo) and 100 balls each. We were then marked as Gold team with a band of gold tape stuck around our arms. Simple but effective.

We were taken to get our guns and went on to our first game.

The first game took place in a ‘churchyard’. There were wooden huts, ‘grave stones’ and a big church-like building in the centre. There was a suitcase in the church and the winners were the team that managed to grab the suitcase and take it to their side of the game zone.

Other game zones included an egyptian themed area with lots of pyramids and sand, 4 double decker buses, A 2 story castle, A Watchtower, a jet plane and more! It was very exciting. All game zones had a different objective (one was to protect one person on your team, there was a good old fashioned shoot out, and capture a flag etc..) which made it very varied and fun!

However, we kept noticing that we seemed to be getting shot from behind and we soon realised why.

There was an annoying bunch of lads on our team. They didn’t listen to the marshals, constantly talking over them, and were getting more and more rowdy as time went on. They then started shooting us whilst we were waiting for the next game to start. They actually shot me in the face and in the arm. The marshalls dealt with the situation really well. They had already brought in one of the more senior members of staff to marshall our games as well as the original marshall we had. When they started shooting us in between games the marshalls acted very quickly indeed. We lost out on playing that game but the group of lads were quickly expelled and all stormed off in a huff after being instructed to take off their gear and leave the premises.

All in all I was extremely impressed with how things were run, the game zones were awesome, the marshalls were fair and acted very quickly when there were problems. The gear was good, everything well maintained. There was a nice variety of scenarios which made you feel like you were in Call of Duty.

It really was an awesome day and very well run, and pretty cheap compared to other paintball days i’ve seen. We hope to go again soon. I would recommend it to anyone!

After we got home we were both very tired and decided that we really couldn’t bring our selves to cook. Instead we went and got a nice yummy chinese.

The night turned into quite a girly couple bonding night as we decided to also put on face masks and watch some Monk. It may be an old TV show but we both love it.

All in all it was a brilliant day and really nice night in, i’m just waiting for all those paint ball bruises to come up now…