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Big Plans for 2013

I know, I know. I’m a terrible blogger. Christmas became a whirlwind of un-organisation and just seemed to appear out of no where for me! The New years arrived and work took over, I didn’t even get to go out and celebrate! But now it’s a new year and a new chance to work hard, improving myself and my business!

I will do a quick Christmas update soon (once all the photo’s are edited) but for now I want to look to the new year and what it has in store!

I have been thinking long and hard about my new years resolution and realised that I needed more then one. There’s so much I want to do this year to really feel like i’ve got the most out of it.

Here’s the list I finally came up with :

Hopefully with these goals I can not only make The Penguin Theory a success (or at least on the way there) but I can also have an exciting, action packed year following the other loves in my life (acting and travelling being among them).

So what are your new years resolutions this year and what are your goals?

Until next time (I promise I will resume normal blogging again now)

Happy New Year!



Ok so I didn’t finish the apron I said I was going to finish, but I did do most of it by the time I said. I didn’t want to sew too late as my sewing machine is really loud, although I might have solved this by putting it atop a nice wad of fabric now.

This is where I got up to…

But anyways it’s all done now, finished a couple of hours ago! Just got to wait for the Boyfriend to get home so I can give it to him. Now i’m making another ‘cupcake’ apron for a very young child with a matching chefs hat. Should be very cute.

I am the cook you deserve but not the cook you need.
Me wearing the finished product!

I could have finished it yesterday, however i went to be an extra a filming instead. I was paid £5 towards travel and given as much tea and biscuits as I liked. We were also fed some delicious stew and rice. Seriously the best stew i’ve ever tasted!

Part of the Film Set

There was an extra surprise in store as James Phelps of Harry Potter fame (Fred Weasley) was also being filmed.

Cue me showing my distinct lack of smoothness whilst trying to get a picture. The accidental flash definitely gave me away and he was looking right at me. My surprised noise and quick movement of the phone also did nothing to help matters and at the end I only got a blurry picture of a table.


The thing is he seemed totally nice and like he wouldn’t have minded at all if i’d just asked, but I was having a Socially Awkward Penguin moment and couldn’t pluck up the courage to just say hi.

Blurry Picture of Film Set

Even better is that I’ve agreed to go on Saturday as well. I wonder if he’ll be there again.

I’ve also been busy trying to solve a rubix cube as my boyfriend is trying to teach me. For ages I couldn’t even do the first stage but now I’m doing better, although need a lot more practice.

I was stuck at this point for ages, the white was supposed to make a cross.

 Hopefully I will have solved my first rubix cube in the next couple of days.

Till then I better get practicing and sewing and trying to be smooth.


Getting Organised

I’ve had a busy few weeks including going to V Fest and Amsterdam.

Needless to say lots of monies have been spent, now I should probably get round to making some.

V fest was amazing. Saw some amazing artists and just generally had an awesome time! Would totally go again!

Dancing at V

My bag served me well, but alas after a weekend of carrying my (and my friends) life around, it was definitely beaten. I think this was mainly due to the fact i can’t seem to find any strengthening stuff to iron on the inside before sewing. That would have definitely made a world of difference. But my lesson has been learnt before making any more big bags.

Literally a few days later i was jetting off to Amsterdam. Obviously fun and messy times were had there. We rode bikes, drove a boat, got extremely lost, went to the zoo, went to the vodka museum, looked at hookers. Was hilariously awesome. Good good times.

Riding the bike that made me feel like a Queen.

Since i came back I’ve been busy spamming my jewellery every where so as to try and sell some. This includes:

Making a facebook page

Updating my Tumblr

And being a lot more active on the craft forums i was a member of.

[/shameless plug]

I’ve also been making lots of little bags similar to this one:

Now if you buy some thing from me now it will come in something similar to this 🙂

Speaking of selling. I’ve now moved to folksy, being british and all that. Just thought it would be easier as the conversions kept messing things up and was getting pretty annoying.

I have 3 items on there already. More will follow soon.

Oh also, today I went to the first of the acting work shops. We we’re meant to have got an email explaining that we needed a short exert to perform, but alas the email doesn’t seem to have made it to my inbox, and I wasn’t the only one. Luckily i just used inspiration from the last piece I performed at Uni, I couldn’t remember exactly what I said in it, so it was nothing alike, just a similar character. I think it went ok.

Till next time!

Stay happy!

Busy times behind and ahead!

Well it’s been a busy few weeks and it’s about to get even busier!

First off i went for an actors evaluation a couple of weeks ago with a company that seems to be quite well known (at least they’ve trained a few famous people and just got someone a main role in skins). It didn’t go amazingly well, but wasn’t a complete failure either. It was clear that I have no idea about the audition process (having never even touched on it before), my lisp is about ten times worse on camera that it is face to face, my acting is too used to the stage and not the camera.

Basically it came about that I had potential, but there was a lot of work to be done. I’ve signed up for some courses with them and hopefully by the end of it i’ll be invited into their agency!

Other exciting news, after I got my sewing machine for my birthday I’ve started trying to make some random things, and I’ve actually been quite impressed with the results!

First I made a small pouch, then a very wonky but pretty purse, followed by a nice bag. The bag i’m actually very impressed with. Now i’m making a new, bigger bag to take with me to V Fest this friday.

Talking about V Fest, I have a spare ticket and would definitely appreciate someone buying it. (Shameless Plug)

I can’t wait! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

Next week i’m also going away…to Amsterdam. It’s a friends 21st and so we’re going to have a manly weekend. Apparently I have to act like a guy, so basically not scream at the thought of a sex museum and porn show. I think I can handle that.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I’ve also signed up for scuba diving lessons? I’ve always wanted to do it and just found theres a club in my town. Should be pretty awesome!

‘Till next time!

Keep busy!

Living life like a Penguin

Interviews Galore

Tomorrow is my Interview for the acting agency.

I’m starting to get pretty nervous.

I’m not quite sure what to expect and i’m desperately trying to think of things to wear and guess what kind of questions they may ask me. If anyone has any tips feel free to share them with me.

Fitter – Healthier

In other news, i’ve decided to start a healthier diet and start exercising again. I know i’ve put on at least a little bit of weight and definitely want to lose it again. My mums in on this as well as she’s decided she wants to lose weight. A couple of nights ago we ate the final packet of Party Sized Pringles that were left in the cupboard and vowed to be healthier and fitter.

So far so good. Been going to exercise classes and controlling my eating habits (mainly my uncontrollable snacking). Hopefully i’ll tone up just a little bit and get rid of the podge.

The Penguin way of Life

A friend told me how i’d inspired her to have a Penguin as her lifes mascot. I like this idea very much.

When I was younger I got a bit obsessive with entering lots of online competitions. And by lots I mean LOTS. Eventually I won a game called Penguin Pile Up where you had to balance penguins on a wobbly plastic iceberg. I still actually have this game stashed under my bed, and it has definitely been used quite a bit!

Penguin Pile Up!

This lead to the theory that as long as you keep trying and don’t give up, one day you’re bound to win something. I mean you can only get back the amount of energy you put in right?

 But any way, because of this I am now adopting a penguin as my mascot too. To remind me to keep trying even when it gets hard, as i’m sure it will with my chosen career path.

Will hopefully update soon the results of the interview.

Till next time!

Stay Happy!

Long Time No Blog

Wow, I’ve left this far too long yet again. I’m pretty bad at this. But at least now my Blog can be more about my struggle to get into acting and less about me being depressed and needing some form of male attention.

Although actually since the last blog I have managed to get myself a boyfriend miraculously, and yes it’s the guy I mentioned in the last post. We met online, via Dailybooth, got chatting and just seemed to get on really well. Then it just so happened I was travelling to London for that photoshoot from a few posts ago and so he asked if I wanted to meet up, something which apparently i have to thank one of his friends for as he more or less told him to man up and ask me. Rollardisco’s and funtimes ensued.

Me and Ash

As anyone who read my last post will know, I was being all pathetic and convinced I shouldn’t get into a relationship as I’d ruin it somehow as I seem to be good at doing, but luckily I manned up and today is actually our 2 month anniversary. 🙂

Anyways. Performing Artsy Stuff.

Yesterday I finally got my Degree! Performing Arts BA (Hons). It may have taken four years but i finally got there! I think i was definitely ready to leave university and i’m looking forward to using what i’ve learnt to hopefully land a few acting jobs.

Speaking about landing jobs. I’ve been offered a wedding styled photoshoot for the end of August. Unfortunately it’s in Milton Keynes and i don’t seem to be down that end of the country any more, however i’m still pretty tempted to go.

I’ve also managed to grab myself an interview for an agency on Tuesday. It would mainly be for walk ons and Extra roles, but it’s a start at least, and who knows, someone might spot me. Lets just hope the interview goes well.

I do only seem to be applying for Film/TV jobs at the moment, but I definitely want to keep in touch with stage acting to some degree.

Nothing beats the buzz of a live audience.

Till next time! Stay Happy!

Productivity and Trying to Think Straight

May the 4th be with you!

Yes it’s Starwars day, and it also happens to be a close friends birthday. Haven’t actually bought him anything, but i don’t know what to get.

Any ways. Last weekend i visited a friend, or at least he was a friend, it seems to be becoming something more. But i know what i’m like with relationships so i don’t want to rush into it. But anyways, he took me out on a nice date and we watched Starwars and we get on really well and i have no reason to say no to him, but i’m female and that means i’m silly. Plus i’ve been messed about a lot recently and i’m still living with my ex so i’m not sure whether it would be sensible for me to get into a relationship just yet, despite actually quite wanting one, i can see me messing things up big time. I guess we’ll just see how things go eh.

Today i’ve just been trying to do my dissertation as it’s in for tuesday. I’m panicking and really want it done before this weekend as the same guy is coming to visit and i want to be able to be sociable.

I also received a disk of an acting job a did a few weeks ago! It came back a lot better than i expected and so is going straight on my film reel! I feel like i’m actually doing something for my career finally which is good 🙂

Oh and I’ve decided I should go on Masterchef at some point because i am awesome at cooking. Today it was a Lemony Salmon and Prawn stirfry with ginger and soy sauce and all sorts! Nom! Definitely making that one again!

Anyway, time to get back to the dissertation I guess.

Till next time! Stay Happy!