This is the year penguins will fly.

Mission Statement

The Penguin Theory Aims to keep a positive attitude, helping those who need it (through tutorials and charity donations) and creating bright, cheery goods to help brighten anyones day.

The name of ‘The Penguin Theory’ came about after a friend told me how I’d inspired her to have a Penguin as her lifes mascot.

When I was younger I got a bit obsessive with entering lots of online competitions, I just really liked winning things, and by lots I mean LOTS. Eventually I won a game called Penguin Pile Up where you had to balance penguins on a wobbly plastic iceberg. I still actually have this game stashed under my bed, and it has definitely been used quite a bit!

This lead to the theory that as long as you keep trying and don’t give up, one day you’re bound to win something. After all, you can only get back the amount of energy you put in right?

Because of this we decided to adopt ‘The Penguin Theory’ as a way of life to help us through the harder times by reminding us that as long as we keep trying we will be successful.

I was further convinced about having a Penguin as a mascot when thinking about how much they endure to survive, especially the hardy Emperor penguins. The male Emperors survive the harshest of winters when no other animals dare to try, sitting on their eggs with no food for months at a time. They know they have to endure these conditions to bring on the next generation and to keep their species alive. Although my goal and hardships may not be the same, I know that I just have to survive, even if it seems impossible, until I reach my goal.

This blog is here to keep myself, and my readers, motivated. It will be full of handy tips and tutorials to help you on your way to success, what ever that may be, as well as documenting my own climb to my goal of opening my own shop.

Hopefully it can help you to achieve your goals as well.

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