This is the year penguins will fly.


Pancakes Galore!

Today is Shrove Tuesday or PANCAKE DAY!

This has always been one of my [many] favourite days of the year as I just freaking LOVE pancakes! I mean who wouldn’t? It’s made even more special by the fact that as a child this would be the only day we would ever eat these battery disks of deliciousness.  Although now i’m older I can make them when ever i happen to have some batter ‘left over’ from yorkshire puddings or just some eggs that ‘need using up’. That doesn’t stop me loving pancake day though, now it has become an all day pancake feast sort of day.

My housemate obviously agrees as I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by this monstrous pan of mixture.

He’s decided to make American pancakes, which i have never tried in all honesty and don’t see how they could be superior to the english versions which are oh-so-delicious, but they look pretty darn good! He’s used a Nigella recipe so it must be tasty! This one to be exact.


*Update* Tried them. They are delicious, actually like cake! Far too filling for me though. I think I do prefer the english pancakes and so will be making some of those later. However I will be having more american ones too. It would be silly not to 😛 

So to celebrate this day of heavenly greasy-ness here are a few ideas for your very own pancake combinations!

 Ham & Cheese
Who said pancakes have to be sweet? It is, after all, the same mixture used for yorkshire puddings. One of my housemates turned his nose up at the idea of this but seriously don’t knock it ’till you try it! Gooey cheese, succulent ham wrapped in a warm pancake, it’s like a more delicious version of a sandwich. Of course you can use any sort of cheese, even creme cheese works great in this combination.
Bacon and Brie
Bacon and Brie are just a magic combination, ’nuff said. In a pancake it’s even more so.
Sugar and Lemon
The Classic pancake flavour. Tangy and sweet, it really tantalises the taste buds and is one of my favourites!
Golden/Maple Syrup
Everyone knows pancakes were just made for syrup. I can never decide which syrup I prefer, golden and maple are both delicious. You can always do the american thing of throwing bacon on there too but I personally don’t like it (the salty sweetness makes me feel a bit ill). Simple syrup is the way forward to me!
Grab some fruit, any fruit, and just throw it in there, maybe a little syrup or chocolate over the top. Boom. Simple, delicious and you can pretend you’re being sorta healthy. I personally have some bananas and blueberries ready to go in one of mine!

Picasso likes shrimp in his pancakes

There are so many ways you can eat your pancakes so why not just experiment? Have a look through your cupboard for any interesting food combinations and throw them in there.
What is your favourite pancake topping?
Claire x