This is the year penguins will fly.

Such a great little shop! If only I could take part in the workshops at her studio…

Craft Britannia

This week we talk to Marieanne of DamsonTreePottery who creates an amazing range of nature inspired ceramics with beautiful colourful glazes.

Describe your “typical” working day or week

There is never a typical day, or week, but here goes! Over breakfast I check Etsy for any orders and say “Hi” to the Craftbritannia team and catch up on chat and treasuries etc. Then I wrap any orders over the weekend from Etsy or the 2 shops stock, and run to the post office. After hanging out washing etc I’m itching to get into my pottery studio – a shed at the end of the garden.
Marieanne and I often start by preparing and rolling out clay with a slab roller or rolling pin and pressing in twigs, leaves, stamps, shells or other found objects, cutting them to shape and making tiles, bowls, or jewellery. I usually have specific orders to…

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