This is the year penguins will fly.

The Importance of Keys

Sorry I haven’t posted in while. It’s been rather hectic on my end.

We had a bit of a shock on Wednesday as we both got back to the flat and realised we had both forgotten our keys.

We rang the estate agents and learnt that they didn’t have a spare key, the landlord wasn’t in London and the maintenance guy was on holiday until monday. An emergency Locksmith would have cost us nearly £70 which we just didn’t have the money for. This left us in a bit of pickle.

Luckily we managed to stay at a friends house in Enfield for the night and he mentioned that we were welcome for as long as we were stuck.  I had to go to work in jeans and my nice expensive Topshop boots but I guess that wasn’t the end of the world.

Waiting for the bus at 2am after work.

One of my work mates said that if we were still stuck then she could ask her husband and his boss if we could use one of their ladders as we had (luckily) left one of our windows open.

Cue 6pm Thursday night. It was just getting dark and we’d arrived back to our flat. A white van pulled up and several men bundled themselves out, grabbed a ladder and were in and out of our flat in a matter of minutes! We were definitely lucky that we’d left that window open although it is a bit scary to see how easily and quickly it could be broken into.

Breaking in

It was so nice to be home after all the palaver and now I think neither of us will be forgetting our keys in a hurry…

‘Till next time!

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