This is the year penguins will fly.

Doing the rounds

Since getting back from Wales all i’ve done is either ignore the dissertation or see people i haven’t seen in a while.

really going for it

Tuesday we went and drove to Castleford to see a film, we we’re planning on seeing what ever was showing next, however there was nothing good on so we ended up bowling instead. I used to be pretty good, easily scoring at least 130 each game, but unfortunately i seem to completely lost my skills and couldn’t even make it to 50 points.

Oh well.

Still got the pose, lost the talent

On Wednesday we actually went to the cinema and saw Thor. If you like lots of over-the-top fighting, the occasional witty line, hot ladies and a seriously hot (and regularly half naked) lead male, then this is the film for you! It enjoyed it anyway. Cheesy and predictable, but good for some easy enjoyment! 🙂

A rare victory skip

Today i didn’t get dressed until about 1:30 and then casually cycled to the grandparents to be a good granddaughter and see them before heading off back to uni tomorrow. I also decided to be a good daughter and cook my mum tea. I’d promised to make her Yorkshire puddings but never got round to it so i decided to make her toad in the hole. It turned out pretty damn tasty even if i do say so myself, a very good first attempt i reckon! 🙂


I realise at the moment this blog is probably pretty boring to read, and has barely anything to do with my progression into the Performing Arts, but I’m sure it will get a whole lot more interesting soon. My life always gets a bit more hectic at uni anyway, and when i leave i can finally get my arse into gear with this whole acting malarky.

Although if this acting doesn’t work out i guess i could always go into cooking…

Till next time!

Stay Happy! 🙂

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