This is the year penguins will fly.

I’m rubbish at blogging…

Yeah, so i fail at keeping up to date with these things. Whoops.

I better fill you in on all the stuff that’s been happening…the important things anyways.

The guy i was on about in my last post stopped talking to me and now has a girlfriend, oh well. I still say hello to him when i see him about. Plus there was another guy who i fell for completely, but he didn’t want a relationship. Or at least that’s what he said, in reality it’s obvious that he doesn’t want a relationship unless it’s with a certain girl who keeps messing him about completely, and even he’s admitted she’s not that nice a person. Yet somehow today they’ve made themselves facebook official.  I don’t understand how his brain works at all, but i’m just gonna leave him to it as it’s definitely not worth the hassle.

Work wise though my life is definitely looking promising! I finally decided to get some use out of my Starnow account and applied for a few jobs. I managed to bag myself a filming job for some university students and they liked me so much they even asked me back for a second filming! 😀 I’m just waiting for them to finish editing so that i have some footage to put on my actors film reel.

I also have a modelling shoot lined up for this weekend which should be fun! As i’m off to London for it i’ve agreed to meet up with a guy i met over Dailybooth and we seem to have a rather fun day planned, including a roller-disco! Too exciting. Is it bad that i’m tempted to go in 80s gear?

I did actually only go to London yesterday, but this was to see a performance we have to review as part of our course. We ended up getting into a fight with a guy on the ticket barriers at St Pancras as we’d apparently got onto the wrong train, despite no one actually telling us our tickets only allowed us on first capital connect. But one of the girls in our group has a dad that works for freight line and so managed to argue with him pretty well, meaning we all got off without having to pay £23 for another ticket (something most of us

couldn’t afford). She’s going to write a letter of complaint about him as well as he was the rudest man i’ve ever met. From the first word he was condescending when there was really no need to be, for example; when we said we didn’t have any money to buy more tickets he sneered ‘So you’ve got no money and you’re going into central London?’. He quickly shut up when we told him we were on a trip to see a show that we’d already paid for, and even if we weren’t there’s enough free things to do in London, like every museum, to get away with not having money! Anyway, we eventually managed to get through and went to go and do some window shopping before going to Nando’s (too tasty) and then to the show.

The show we saw was called Wastwater and was at the Royal Court Theatre. All i can say is that it was one of the best plays i think i’ve seen. The sets we’re amazingly detailed, the script hilariously clever, and the whole production was just extremely well put together. In fact we all enjoyed it so much that more or less all 25(ish) of us bought a copy of the script afterwards! If anyone manages to get tickets to go see it I would definitely recommend!

It was a good day, how ever on the way home i got a headache which then turned into a migraine and kept me up all night. Now i have to read through some journals for my diss and go to choreography rehearsals later, all with a pretty bad headache. But at least i’m all drugged up on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Still going to go out tonight (although how long depends on the fragility of my head…) as a chav! Should be hilarious.

Until next time (which will hopefully be tomorrow) stay happy!

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