This is the year penguins will fly.

A hectic couple of days

Sorry i haven’t updated in a while, just incase anyone is actually following this blog at the moment.

I’ve had a very hectic, and stressful, few days.

  • My work load has pretty much tripled and i’m too stressed out to concentrate on it.
  • I seem to have fallen out with my housemates over some guy who came over to the house.
  • I realised the guy i was starting to really like could be just a bit of a player.
  • Had one of the worst nights out ever, full of crying, cheaters and being left dancing on my own.


Hasn’t been the best week at all, and for once the HappySod has been feeling a little down. (and it takes a lot to get me down!)

However there have been a few good things about this week.

For instance, i was in the library the other day and asked if i could move next to these two guys as my laptop was running out of battery.  They said i could and then we got chatting! One of them, called Ian was constantly chatting and is absolutely lovely! His friend finished his assignment and went home. Eventually me and Ian finished what we were doing and were both hungry. Somehow we randomly ended up going to McDonalds together. Spent an hour just chatting, and he really is lovely. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s my type, but he is a really nice guy! I think we might be off to nandos at some point this week…

I also got everyone on my course completely in love with me as i took pictures for their portfolios and photoshopped them to look pretty(er) Shame that meant i’ve ignored all my other work.

Plus i found out that the ‘Player’ guy has just split with his girlfriend so i’m just gonna let him mess about for a bit as i can understand his actions. I mean with my recent break up, i can’t exactly say i’ve been much better. Maybe if i just keep talking to him and stuff i can win him over? Right? Lets hope so 🙂

AND just found out that the ‘Player’ guy (hm, i don’t like calling him that…) also lives with a guy i went home with once last term. I’ve been laughing non stop since i found out. I didn’t get with the housemate, i just randomly went home with him and his friend one night. Not as dodgy as it sounds, literally just slept between them in a bed. Frickin’ hilarious. I’ve been invited over there tonight if i see them out. haha!

Oh, I better make myself look good… :/

Time to dig out something nice to wear!

Keep happy! 😀


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