This is the year penguins will fly.

Party time begins again!


Before going out - Genuine giggles!

So i forgot to post yesterday…Sorry.

Instead i went out to party!

We started with Pizza and a few drinks round Amies. We weren’t originally going to go out, but then we changed our minds as we heard a few others were!

I borrowed a dress from Amie and have since decided to fall in love with it. In so many pictures i look so skinny it’s unreal. There’s one where i look a little anorexic, which i most definitely am not.

Stupidly skinny :/

Smiles and a very defined calf!

Although non of us got particularly drunk it was still an amazing night, despite being able to feel the pain in our feet for once. I think we were all in the mind set to party, so nothing could’ve stopped us. Definitely fun times.

Despite the lack of drunkenness I still managed to pull the grossest faces for camera, a particular talent of mine. I swear if i’m in a club and i see a camera my face (and sometimes body) just does some kind of strange spasm, making for some truly hilariously disgusting photos.  I also managed to snog a guy i know is a player, and was after one thing.

He’s coming round for films now…I don’t know why i agreed to it, he’s clearly got other motives. I’ll have to be careful.

Better go finish sorting out my room before he arrives anyway.


Stay happy! 🙂

The HappySod being happy!

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