This is the year penguins will fly.

A fail of a day

Today has been a complete fail…

Got up ridiculously late, 12.30 to be exact. Realised i had missed loads of phonecalls. I remember dreaming about something random and Muse – Sunburn playing in the background. I think the half sleepy me thought it was my alarm (despite that actually being System of a Down) and just rolled over back to sleep. Whoops.

Then at 2pm i realised i was meant to be at the dentist. Ran out of the house, drove around, realised i didn’t know exactly where the dentist is, rang my mum, got to the dentist, was told my appointment was, in fact, yesterday. Fail of epic proportions. Well at least i’ve been booked in for tomorrow morning, lets just hope i don’t sleep through my alarm.

Also i’ve again eaten a ton of chocolate today, and more or less sat around on my arse ignoring my work, then looking at my work and panicking so much about the sheer amount to do that i couldn’t think straight to do it. Yep, still not sticking to my new years resolutions.  Well at least i’m worrying now…usually that gets left until the night before which definitely can’t be done with the diss!

How ever i did manage to draw a nice little header for this blog and a lovely new background (which still isn’t finished, it will have a lot more little drawings on it soon), unfortunately in the process i broke my tablets pen…

Luckily it still works…just the nib is a little wobbly and sticks every now and again meaning that i get scribbles all over my screen. But nothing a bit of superglue can’t fix! Shame my superglue’s at uni…

Anyways. Yesterday i promised facts about me. So instead of rambling them together in one long rambly paragraph i’m going to bullet point some interesting things about me:

  • I am called Claire
  • I am 21 and constantly get IDd
  • I am 5’4″
  • I am from the north
  • I do Performing Arts at university
  • I love acting, dancing and singing
  • I have danced since primary school
  • I can play piano and clarinet.
  • I’m trying to teach myself guitar
  • I have a mole in the shape of a star
  • I have natural blonde streaks at the front of my hair!
  • I get a pension
  • I have some extremely blonde moments sometimes
  • My feet are ridiculously big and i used to have nightmares about them when i was younger.
  • I am terrified of breaking my nose or fingers
  • I have never broken a bone in my body
  • You can tell when i’m actually ill because i wont complain
  • I love my xbox 360
  • I love photography and my DSLR
  • I am a complete nerdy geek, i just hide it well sometimes
  • I like to party and dress up a little too much
  • I am ridiculously unorganised
  • I hate listening to the radio.
  • I love fish and anything to do with the sea!
  • I am a Leo, Lions are also my favourite animals
  • I love travelling
  • I love being spontaneous

I think that will do for now…

Thanks for reading 🙂

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